MYSA 2021 Welcome

Hello Marina Youth Soccer family,

Thank you all so much for your patience, I know that many have reached out to ask if there will be a 2021 soccer season. I have waited until we knew more of what a season would look like. Well, we are so excited to announce that we will be having a soccer season for Fall 2021!! We will be excited to see all of you back on the fields. With the good news always comes less favorable news, right? While we are excited to announce that we will have a pretty-close-to-normal soccer season, there are going to be some changes. The first thing is that the snack bar will look a bit different (the board is still working out the details and we will let you know as soon as we finalize that). Another thing that I want to address is the uncertainty of skipping a year and how your player will return to MYSA in the correct division. We know that some families will be a little nervous to send their player(s) to the new field.  Please be assured that all of the players are going to be fresh going back and that we are making the fields safe for everyone’s return.

Registration, WE HAVE A NEW SYSTEM!! I am so excited to announce that MYSA has upgraded to a new system. A HUGE SHOUT OUT to our Tech guru, Shawn and all of his hard work. We are now using TEAMSNAP. I highly recommend downloading the app! This program is all inclusive and will be our new way of communication. Please be patient as we continue to switch from one website to another.


Opening day will be August 28th and Closing Day will be October 23rd.

FIELDS, I was just recently made aware that we will not be able to use the Marina High field for our three younger divisions. We are working to find a new location. While MYSA is working to do that, I am asking our families to reach out to the city of Marina leaders and help me ask for a permanent soccer field for our youth. There are amazing plans in motion that would make it possible to house our soccer family in the fall, our Marina Pony family in Spring and Summer and be a source of entertainment for families year-round, however according to city staff there is some push back regarding trees (City rule is for every tree taken out three get replanted). I spoke in April at the city meeting begging for a sports complex as the Marina Youth Soccer program has won many awards for its excellent recreational standing. Please reach out to the city and let them know we need a permanent field for our kiddos to play soccer on. If you need direction on where to send this, please let me know.

COVID-19 and the 2021 soccer season. While we know that everything is opening back up and normalcy is returning, we will still be taking precautions and following the CDC guidelines. Again, we are still three months out from our start date, so we will send updates about a month in advance. Please keep in mind that we do all of this for the kids and their safety is our priority. Many kids have gone without the daily exercise that we were all use to, the kids will start slowly to build their endurance back up for their health and safety.
I also want to remind everyone that MYSA has a Zero Tolerance Policy. This will include COVID-19 updates. Everyone is at a different comfort level when it comes to COVID-19 and that is OK. No bullying or harassment will be tolerated by anyone and all rules must be followed by participants, spectators, coaches, referees, volunteer’s and board members.

I know this is a lot of information and that there are going to be a lot of questions still, so we will be hosting a Zoom open house this Saturday June 5th at 3-3:30PM to answer questions regarding this upcoming season.

We have a few board announcements, Maria Tate and Tina Chaty have stepped down from the MYSA Board, thank you Maria and Tina for everything that you did for MYSA!  We have some new members and some moves; I would love to welcome Marisa and Hugo Cortez! This is the 2021 Marina Soccer Board

President- Carrie Burley
Vice President- Angel Hostetter
Head Coach- Dan Munoz
Treasurer- Terri Barajas
Secretary- Amanda Munoz
Sponsorship Coordinator- Maddy Burton
Technology Coordinator- Shawn Brown
Uniform Coordinator- Jose Garza
Field and Equipment- Hugo Cortez
Snack Bar Coordinator- Marisa Cortez
Member at Large- Alicia Rodriguez
– Vely Mathews
– Nehemiah Gallardo
– Michelle Gallardo