July 6th 2022

Board Members present; Daniel Munoz, Amanda Munoz, Shawn Brown, Travis and Jesie Rippe, Hugo Cortez, Jose Garza, Angel Hostetter, Alicia Rodriguez, Carrie Burley, Terri Barajas, Nehemiah, Madison

Board Members not in attendance;

  • Presidents Report
    • MYSA By-Laws
    • Thank you for all the help and teamwork with the fireworks booth! It was a great week
    • Opening Day approaching August 27th, think about ideas and will be discussed at the next meeting.
  • Treasurers Report

Great job- We raised over 71,000!  Once we take out from the bill for TNT and taxes the total will be provided to the board.


  • Fireworks Update
    • Final Numbers- (Carrie)- Inventory will be done at 8:00 tomorrow morning. May need help from other members if the container is not picked up by Friday.
  • Uniforms Update
    • Bids for Jerseys
    • #1- CA Logogs- 19,700
    • #2-Ace High- 19,116
    • #3- Cypress- 20,200

*Jose stated that Cypress has been the most communicative.

*Jose will get some samples/pictures from Ace and Cypress to compare to vote via Groupme.

  • Registration/ Technology
    • Number of registrations so far.
    • U6-36
    • U8-27
    • U10-32
    • U12-26
    • U14-13
    • U18-8

*Keep plugging registration!

* Try to get in contact with the district to see if we can send out communication through the schools.

  • Equipment Update
    • New goals Goals for U-10,8,6
    • Nets
    • Goalie Jersey’s
    • First Aid kit
    • pumps

*Will need to get a quote and vote to get them ASAP. Hugo will contact supplier to get the quotes.

*July 19th/20th- Go clean out Preston and see if we need anything else.


  • Social Media Update
    • $70/hour for photographer for opening day. Angel offered to take some pictures and other board members can send in any photos they may have.
  • Head Coach Update
    • Inventory- Will check Preston shed
  • Sponsorships- Madison reported that we have 13 total sponsorships so far.
  • Fields- Internet issues will table for next meeting.
  • Opening Day
    • August 27th


Next Meeting- Wednesday, July 20th