MYSA Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Team Parents are the most important volunteers in the League.  They teach the players, they respect the players, and they protect the players.  As such, it is important that all parents and players support the volunteer coaching staff, especially since some  coaches and their assistants do not have as much experience with soccer as others (especially at the younger age divisions).  What all MYSA volunteers do share is a desire to be involved in the lives of MYSA players and to help develop an excellent season.

Head Coaches.  You represent the highest authority in regards to the training and safety of your players.  Your coaching philosophy speaks volumes about you — not only as a coach, but also as a person.  Take the time to put some real thought into it; you'll be glad you did.  Lead your players in the direction you know is right.  Strive to instill in them the values that you want your own kids to exhibit throughout their lives.  Accomplish this goal, and regardless of how well you do this season, you and your team will be winners in the truest sense.  Even with a carefully planned philosophy firmly in place, adhering to it at all times can be difficult.  Challenges show themselves at unexpected times, and explaining your coaching philosophy to the parents before the season gets under way helps you steer clear of many of these potential headaches.

Assistant Coaches.  You represent the primary support staff for team coaches.  You will often be directly involved with the training of individual players.  Remember that, although each player has their own unique strengths and weaknesses, all youngsters possess general characteristics that are dictated by age.  Children are continually changing, and part of your responsibility as a coach is to know what to expect both physically and emotionally from youngsters at various age levels.  Being fully aware of general age-related differences enhances your coaching skills and your ability to relate to your team. It also ensures that you don't favor the players on your squad who are more mature and skilled at the expense of players who are less skilled and developed.  No matter what the age or skill level of your players, always be supportive and enthusiastic. Pile on the praise, and never stop encouraging them. This approach builds their confidence and self-esteem, whether they're 4 or 13.

Team Parents.
Each team will have a parent that volunteers to assist in team activities.  Typical activities include: assistance to coaches in contacting players for game or practice changes or cancellations; support of players on the sideline; organization of players and parents for team pictures.  It is important that each team has a team parent, so please volunteer and help your child and their teammates have a great experience this year.  Team parents, please note that it is your responsibility to keep the sidelines clean before, after, or during games.



Any Board Member, Coach, Team Parent, Parent, Player or volunteer associated with the League that is involved in any physical or verbal altercation, misappropriation of League funds, or use of violent, abusive, or foul actions/language in the presence of minors at League activities, will be recommended for immediate removal of their position and shall be removed immediately from premises utilized by the League, pending review of the Executive Committee.


According to MYSA bylaws, all head coaches must be certified through NYSCA (coaches should enter Marina Youth Soccer Assoc as their Chapter). Head coaches must pay for their own certification fees, and will not be refunded for their child's registration until MYSA receives a copy of their current NYSCA certification card.  Head coaches that are currently NYSCA certified for a sport other than soccer may add soccer as an additional course for a small fee.  

U10 and under coaches 
U12 and up Coaches